Selected Publications

“Bulldaggers Between Starshine and Clay,” Ekphrasis of Black Women Fucking Each Other,” and “Love’s Rare Sightings” (2023)The Rumpus

“All of It Just Means Child” Gulf Coast: A Journal for Literature and Fine Arts

“On Her Leaving,” “I Left My Heart in the Fragrance,” “What’s the Opposite of Lonely?” and “Element of Cloud” (2023) —Hypertext Magazine

“Portrait of My Father” (2022)—RHINO Poetry

“We Have Made a Bed of This Landscape” (2022)—The Art Section

“The Night is an Eruption of Nebulas” (2021)—Guernica Magazine

From “The Accounts of Mammy Pleasant” (2021)—Passages North Magazine

“In San Jose, We Sliced Tomatoes” (2020)Poet Lore 

“Alvin Coffey” (2020)Propter Nos

“Rippling Through the Dark” (2020)The Offing 

“My Mother at Twenty-One” (2020)Wildness Magazine